Friday, September 6, 2013

online safety

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My daughter (Lilli) and her friend decided to create a webpage, and it is almost as bad as it can get despite the talks we have had re online safety.  Among other concerns she has her email address on it and there is an 'Agony Aunt' page where followers are requested to share their secrets *sigh*.  I have sat them down to discuss my concerns and of course the instruction to remove their email addresses. Her friend listened politely and Lilli rolled her eyes and sighed.

Following my 'talk' in which I discussed identity safety, paedophile grooming (a soft version), copyright laws etc, I immediately looked for info on the web I could share with them to reinforce what had been discussed.  I was a bit disappointed.  Most info aimed at tweens was naff, and presented by adults.  What I need is some edgy videos by teenagers for tweens and teens explaining internet safety and the real reasons behind parents concerns (paedophilia/id theft/bullying).  I haven't found much online.  The best I have found so far comes from Planet Nutshell but they do not really address the peadophile issue strongly enough - I am sure my daughter would think she could manage someone who made her feel "uncomfortable".  I would love if anyone reading this blog could share great resources. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

book review: 'Beautiful Girl' - Christiane Northrop

I have been a huge fan of Christiane Northrop for some time. Northrup's books and talks on women's health are wonderful - well researched, detailed, informative and empowering. So, I was pretty excited to discover that she had written a book for young girls. 'Beautiful Girl: Celebrating the Wonders of Your Body', has been written for little girls aged 2-5. This is not a 'where-do-I-come-from' book, it is a book about developing a positive attitude towards being a girl and having a girls body. The book is filled with opportunity for all sorts of discussion with your little girl. 

A garden is filled with delicate plants and tiny creatures. As you walk among them, you are careful with them. You should be just as careful with your own body. Treat it gently and make sure that others treat it gently too(Beautiful Girl, Northrup. C, 2012 Illustration by Aurelie Blanz )

Aurelie Blanz created the illustrations in the book, and they are simply gorgeous! A stand alone reason for purchase. I shared the book with Lilli (9) and we ooohed and ahhhed over the illustrations together. With the text, she was a little bit "yes I know all that" (I would have loved to have had this book when she was younger), but even still, certain parts of the book gave me the opportunity to open up lines of discussion that were new to us. Lilli gave the book 4/5 (she is a little bit older than the age group it is aimed at and not old enough to appreciate it from an adults perspective). I gave it 5/5.

Friday, July 19, 2013

exercise: munch and move

NSW Department of Health
I am enjoying using the music from the 'Munch and Move' (NSW Dept of Health, Australia initiative) at school.  The songs are short and make nice little gap fillers.  The lyrics are simple and the children can quickly learn the song.  They also make for great discussion.  My 4-5 year olds particularly like doing the 'Warm Up' song, followed by 'Twist, Balance, Shake, Run'.  They were fascinated to discover that their heart did indeed pump harder after exercise.